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Call to Artists...

Move n Art offers a new concept to sell your art on DVD that is both elegant and decorative. It will increase your earnings ability as new markets are introduced to you. More importantly, no other company offers this opportunity to individual artists.

The target markets are individual consumers and businesses worldwide. People are upgrading their electronic equipment and looking for alternative ways to utilize it. Businesses are adding Plasma screens to their stores and offices and many are seeking different ways to maximize usage.

Would you be interested in an inexpensive and effortless source of passive income?

Do you tire of the time and expense of marketing your artwork and preparing for an exhibit?

Move n Art has the answer!

Click here to watch this short presentation and sign up today.

Move n Art helps solve both problems. Our distribution network provides the means to reach an audience previously unavailable and extend your exposure beyond local areas.

“Going Global” is more than a phrase, IT IS REALITY.

Artists supply a file or CD in a predetermined format. Move n Art’s professional team handles all aspects of production, marketing and distribution utilizing major marketplaces to generate sales.
We made it very affordable and simple.

Benefits of an Move n Art Artist:

  • A cost effective tool to sell and promote your art.
  • The ability to concentrate your time on creating masterpieces while earning money.
  • Expand your customer scope in terms of sales and recognition.
  • Artist contact information on each DVD.


Be a part of the future, contact us today at artistinfo@movenart.com!
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