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Move n Art Features and Applications...

Fine Art For Your Flat Screen on DVD.

An excellent alternative to a blank screen!

Features of Move n Art

  • 2 copies of original paintings by a single artist on 1 DVD.
  • Three viewing choices for each art piece, still, motion and continuous loop.
  • Still for a single image view that looks like a painting hanging on the wall.
  • Motion floats cloudlike through the painting emphasizing its vibrant colors, texture   
    and brushstrokes.
  • Continuous loop takes on a variety of views from still to motion and goes on until       
    stopped by the viewer.
  • Freeze the floating movement to create a fixed image at an interesting section of the
    painting thus providing hundreds of different variations of the same artwork from 1
  • Enjoy the soft music that accompanies each disk or play your own musical selection
  • Variety of art from landscapes to seascapes and contemporary to realism.
  • 180 minutes of playing content.
  • Designed to minimize screen burn.

Applications of Move n Art

  • Change Your Art Without Changing Your Décor.
  • Great for dinner or cocktail parties.
  • Stimulate conversation.
  • Creates a pleasing atmosphere.
  • Great product for relaxing with a good book.
  • Use it as a meditative tool, focus on the beautiful images as they float by.
  • Ever changing artwork that will add ambiance to your home and accentuate its décor.
  • Great art at affordable prices featuring dynamic regional artists.
  • An exciting new way to experience art.
  • Great gift idea, easy to ship.
  • Own art at a fraction of the cost of the original work.
  • Great way to view art up close and personal.
  • Have a variety of art on DVD just as you have a variety of music on CD.
  • Excellent alternative to a blank screen.
  • Sleep aid don’t count sheep use Move n Art.
Change Your Art Without Changing Your Décor.
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