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Beautiful Art is a Moving Experience...

Fill Your Room with Elegance and Beauty

Move n Art has taken art appreciation to a dynamic new level.

Add a unique dimension to your home by transforming your flat screen TV or regular TV into a thing of beauty.

Move n Art is decorative solution to a blank screen.

Change your art without changing your décor.

Great for Dinner or Cocktail Parties

Relax with a Good Book

Stimulate Conversation

Great Gift Idea

Meditate as the Beautiful Images Float By

It’s so easy to use, simply slip the Move n Art disk into your DVD player. Stunning artwork appears with its vibrant colors and rich texture along with soothing music. 

On 1 DVD you will find 2 copies of original artwork by a single artist, accompanied by a musical component.

3 viewing options are part of each DVD:

  • Still allows the viewer to see the entire work of art as a single image in a fixed position similar to a painting hanging on the wall. (Images move slightly to minimize screen burn.)
  • Motion allows the onscreen image to float cloudlike through the painting bringing to life every detail of the artwork. Freeze the floating movement at an interesting part of the painting and create an entirely different view. This feature gives your literally hundreds of variations of the same artwork on 1 DVD.
  • Continuous Loop lets the painting take on a variety of views from still to motion and will loop for hours until stopped.
The Move n Art collection offers a variety of artists and their works; seascapes, landscapes, traditional or contemporary, many styles and subjects to suit your every mood and taste.

Our artists are talented and passionate about their work.  And their passion shows with each DVD.

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